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Linkiss products offer increasingly higher performance in terms of insulating capacity, durability, flameproof and transmission capacity, which can sufficiently meet international customers, such as : Sony, Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, NEC, Panasonics, and so on. So many years cooperation with international first class companies, we have gained very good reputation in quality.

Linkiss is awarded ISO-9002 accreditation in 1998, Since the establishment in 1981, Linkiss has seriously devoted her mind to quality management, and we are fully confident to implement more advanced quality management. We have been bending ourselves to improving the quality of the products and production progress and will never give up.
We are committed to achieve customer satisfaction, promote the mould design ability, provide high qualified products & service, and create an open & efficient platform for our customers & suppliers to communicate.

We will keep on improving the systems of production process, production planning,
mould designing and logistics management to provide the highest service & products
to our customers.

The key point for a successful enterprise is to provide the best service to meet the
customers' requirement, which is precisely the management commitment of Linkiss.
We dedicate to fulfill the philosophy with quality management, enhance production
efficiency so that meet our customer's target with perfect quality & punctual